This is with reference to the news regarding fuel tanks jettisoned by a Pakistan Air Force jet into the Indus River in the country's northwest on Wednesday July 25, 2013 without any loss of life or property on the ground. The incident motivated me to write a few lines in praise of PAF pilot who tackled the unavoidable situation during this training mission. Jettisoning of fuel tanks on population could have caused a serious damage to lives and property. Flying is not a cup of cake, and keeping command of one’s senses during an emergency and making crucial decisions within a fraction while flying a fighter plane is a tough task to do and requires some extraordinary mental and physical capabilities. Whatever the technical reasons for the mishap, pilot’s professional competency in making every possible effort to save the PAF aircraft worth billions, and his dedication to ensure safety of innocent lives on ground, by risking his own life are really commendable. Hats off to our air warriors!


Lahore, July 26.