“Man gets whatever he strives for” has been an inspiration for Superior since its inception. We ever cherished the belief that honor and fame lies only in one condition to perform one’s part well; and it makes one rise with the entire honor.

Our focus on academic excellence and graduate employability has given us a strong professional orientation. Our vision has been our strength all through the way to a leading position in the educational fraternity. Our motivated team has the ability to do the impossible’ with an ultimate aim to make the students a precious asset of Pakistan. In the last 11 years journey Superior Group of Colleges has witnessed a great success while its international collaborations have added a unique feather to its existing glory. The network of collaborative students exchange programs and teaching and research partnerships with world class institutions have made the Superior University an international standard institute of Pakistan.

With our latest endeavour of establishing Ch. M. Akram Teaching & Research Hospital, we have moved forward to a more professional paradigm.

I am pleased to reckon the services of ambitious faculties at Superior University who are facilitating youths of Pakistan with an abundant creativity and experience. The Superior College of Engineering & Technology, Azra Naheed Medical College & Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) are infusing innovative blood into the veins of industrial and corporate sector of the country.

I believe, we are destined to change our country’s fate through education because progress of a nation lies in educational competence. I dream of a developed Pakistan and I am hopeful that together we can build a superior nation.


In the year 2000 when the world was moving towards a new millennium, South Asian Education Promotional Network was looking for a leader who could lead an innovative team to teach the lahorities the basics of personal and professional development.


Ch Abdul Rehman- A young dynamic enthusiastic and passionate person who had a dream to facilitate the young generation through education. His dream was second by his parents’ prayers who believed that their son can achieve his dreams.


Ch Abdul Rehman’s dream was patronized by the late Malik Meraj Khalid (Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan. He motivated the young dreamer to become a mentor who will guide the youth to achieve their targets. Mr. Malik Meraj Khalid’s personality, kindness and vision created a difference in Superior’s Success. He was destined to build the nation through education. His love for the country has made Superior a blue eyed of his ideology.


"Facilitating Superior Human Beings"


We are committed to enhance the potentials of students, faculty, staff and all segments of the society by bringing a positive change in their personal and career lives, motivating them for self-enlightenment through Quality Education, Personality Development, True Professionalism and Career Planning; thus, adding value to our nation, and ultimately to humanity.

May ALLAH Almighty help us! .n