Prague, Czech Republic


These incredible Matrix-inspired shots appear to show their subject miraculously levitating in mid-air.

Just like in the cult movie’s ‘bullet time’, they freeze-frame the moment he hangs momentarily in a precarious or dangerous position.

But what is most interesting is that while the viewer can see the subject is set for a painful landing, he appears to remain entirely unconcerned.

The intriguing photographs were put together by English teacher Brad Hammonds, 27, when he decided to look into the concept of emotional delay.

‘The theme of these photos centres around how one can never truly experience the full sensations of any moment until it has already passed,’ said Mr Hammonds.  Taken throughout Prague, Czech Republic, the series, called ‘Falling through Space’, captures Mr Hammonds in a range of bizarre scenarios before the moment of impact. Mr Hammonds explains: ‘I get many reactions from people looking at my work, the most common seems to be surprise; that and curiosity.

‘People are very interested in the execution of these photographs as well as the narrative that they create.

‘In my photo “Bike Wreck” I set out to create a bike crash that was believable while simultaneously visually interesting.