WAH CANTT - Illegal parking on footpaths and roadsides is not only affecting traffic flow but also risking lives of pedestrians by forcing them to walk on busy roads of the city.

Shopkeepers have displayed their goods on footpaths and verandas. Besides, a large portion of footpaths and streets has been encroached by vendors, forcing pedestrians including women and children to walk on the roads.

A shopkeeper in Nawababad, Arshad Keyani said vendors have encroached on footpaths in violation of the order issued by cantonment board.

However, he added that most of the cabdrivers and others park their vehicles in front of their shops and busiest Nawababad Chowk in violation of traffic rules. 

Dr Giasuddin, resident of Lala Rukh, said unauthorised parking is another problem of this area.

"The absence of proper signboards, inadequate enforcement of the no-parking rule and unmarked parking places combined with encroachment have led to the problem getting worse day by day," he added.–Staff Reporter