Chief Minister Balochistan Dr Abdul Maalik Baloch’s statement that he would dismantle extra checkpoints manned by the FC, police and levis after seeking the approval of the federal government points to a vote of no confidence in their abilities, after the failure of these checkposts to stop any terrorist activity in the province.

The Chief Minister remonstrated against these security barriers causing more harm than good. In the absence of reform by the Center, the Chief Minster is taking the easy way out by getting rid of them altogether.

The FC has been accused of having become corrupt, with more interest in protecting its large stakes in custom tax collection, than in maintaining law and order and protecting the citizenry.

Thousands of citizens including those belonging to the Hazara community have been massacred and where these checkpoints and the presence of the FC ought to have done something about it, they have proven utterly ineffective.

It is tragic that a force that has sacrificed many of its own in the battle against terrorism, is under such criticism as a whole, but it is time for the federal government to withdraw it from Balochistan and restructure and retrain it to remove the criticism it faces and better equip it to grapple with challenges.

Given how deeply the province is bogged down in terrorism, it stands to reason the security arrangements at these points should be ramped up, but not just in number. What use are greater numbers, when it is competence that is missing.