ISLAMABAD  - Believe it or not but it all happened in Islamabad right under the nose of one of the country's well-known police officer Sikander Hayat, the IGP Islamabad when a senior police cop of ICT on personal grudges filed a criminal case against a man along with other 11 persons pronouncing them gamblers.

But later the legal branch of the Islamabad capital police not only exposed the mala fide intention of the Kohsar police declaring the people were booked in a fake case but also suggested the court to take action against the police officers who had directed to lodge the case.

According to details, a police team headed by ASP City Rizwan Gondal raided a house in Said Pur village, Islamabad, and arrested as many as 11 persons on charges of gambling.

However, during the preliminary investigation the accused denied having indulged in gambling.

Later, the police team got to know that the raided house belonged to a notable citizen and businessman of Islamabad, Amjad Butt, who was not present at the time raid.

ASP Rizwan Gondal summoned Amjad Butt at his own house where the accused were kept.

On reaching his house, Amjad informed the police that he had rented his out house to Javed Iqbal in November 2012, a resident of Rawalpindi. On his pointation, the police team later rounded him up and took to Kohsar police station.

Butt also told the police that he had no knowledge of what was going inside his house. But the police lodged an FIR No. 360/13 against 12 people including Amjad Butt.

Utterly alarmed by the situation, the victim Amjad Butt and other accused lodged an appeal before the court of Assistant Commissioner City Mohammad Ali who immediately directed the legal branch for advise.

Interestingly, the legal branch told the court that the police wrongly booked these persons as the police had no ground to file a case against them.

The police authorities had to quash the FIR on the directives of the AC City. However, the incident has raised several questions.

It was Amjad Butt who had brought direct foreign investment in Pakistan in 2006-07, the time when even the capital was flying out of the country. David Miliband, the former Foreign Secretary of UK especially visited his house in 2007 to appreciate his efforts to bring Pakistan and UK closer.

As it was not enough, the Kohsar police deprived the businessman of his costly wristwatch made by world No1 watch manufacturing company Rado International having serial No. 658095103.

Talking to TheNation, Amjad claimed that the wrist watch was currently in custody of operator of ASP Rizwan Gondal.

When contacted ASP City Rizwan, he confirmed the arrests in addition admitting occurrence of a minor clash with one of the accused.

"You know, police know very well how to teach the notorious people a lesson. This is what I did yesterday (on Sunday)," told the ASP in an aggressive tone.

Sources said, the ASP had subjected Amjad Butt to torture and then influenced his subordinate to include his name in the FIR.