ISLAMABAD - The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has started the case study of the complaint filed against the Chairman of Trust for Voluntary Organisation (TVO) regarding alleged misuse of authority and corrupt practices, sources told The Nation on Tuesday.

Politically inspired appointments of incompetent and ineligible persons to important posts has been a hallmark of Gilani government and in this regard Trust for Voluntary Organisationhas proved to be no exception, the sources added.

TVO is an indigenous grant making organization working for women development under the control of Economic Affairs Division (EAD).

The only criterion that the Gilani government observed while appointing Chairman and some members of Trust for Voluntary Organisationwas political affiliation and nothing else.

The only mentionable experience he has in his profile is that of working in a chicken fried outlet in Sargodha and of course an office bearer of PSF and PPP district Sargodha, the sources added.

The situation of professional expertise and academic qualification of some other members appointed on the Board by the PPP government is not much different.

This becomes rather interesting when compared with the previous members that included Begum Nusrat Bhutto, Begum Zari Sarfraz, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Shahzada Alam Munoo, Shoaib Sultan Khan, Kishwar Naheed and Saleema Hashmi having high profiles.

The present chairman of Trust for Voluntary Organisation Sajjad Hussain has indulged in corruption, with almost eighty per cent of finances incurred on the administrative expenses which include unprecedented perks and privileges in TVO’s history for the chairman and his minions in terms of gross misuse of office cars and unlimited petrol, the sources added.

It is also learnt that Trust for Voluntary Organisation funds are not being managed in a transparent manner. Most members including the chairman are running their own NGOs under bogus names and getting funds from Trust for Voluntary Organisation, the sources added.

The chairman had also been the Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TVO and is making all management decisions instead of the CEO which is also a sheer violation of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) rules and regulations as it clearly creates a conflict of interest situation, the sources added.

Interestingly, the immunity and impunity with which the Jiala Chairman of Trust for Voluntary Organisation has been running his show and minting money was understandable in previous PPP rule but presents a challenge to the merit based policy of PML (N) government the sources added.

When contacted a NAB official to seek official version regarding Trust for Voluntary Organisation case, he confirmed about the complaint and said that the Prevention and Awareness Wing of the bureau has started working on its interim report and then the case would be forwarded for further investigation.

Despite repeated attempts made by the scribe to contact the incumbent chairman TVO Sajjad Hussain on his available cell number 0300-9604701 but in vain as the cell was not responding.