LAKKI MARWAT - Residents of Mohallah Haqdad Abad blocked Bannu-Mianwali Road on Tuesday to protest against shortage of drinking water in their locality.

On Monday night announcements were made from mosques asking people to assemble at Kargil Chowk on Tuesday in order to record stiff protest against scarcity of potable water and failure of MC and Pesco officials to repair broken tube well and faulty transformers.

Led by Islahi Falahi Committee's chairman Jamil Ahmad Khan, Bashir Khan and others, a large number of protesters kept the busiest road connecting Bannu with Mianwali (Punjab) closed for nearly one hour. Transporters and commuters suffered a lot in the holy month of Ramazan and sizzling heat due to closure of road.

A contingent of police force headed by SHO Lakki Gul Hameed Khan rushed to the Kargil chowk to control the protesting mob and avoid happening of any untoward incident. Elders blasted over the bigwigs of municipal committee and said that the entire locality has been hard hit by the problem of shortage of water for the last two weeks.

They said that Shafqat Khan and Waris Khan water supply schemes were out of order but officials concerned did not bother to repair it despite repeated requests by area people. They told that residents of the locality were compelled to purchase water by spending huge money on daily basis to meet their water needs in the holy month.

"Residents of Haji Mehmud Street twice repaired power transformer on self-help basis by collecting donation while a transformer in Shafqat Khan Street has been lying faulty for the last couple of days", they revealed. They warned to launch a violent protest if authorities concerned did not repair out of order tube wells and electricity transformers forthwith.

The protesters later opened the road and dispersed after police and Pesco officials held successful talks with the elders and assured them that drinking water tube well would be repaired within 24 hours.