Although the Judicial Commission (JC) was not a trial court and its finding was not legally binding or enforceable, nor was there any clause in the Term of Reference that responsibility must be fixed on people, found involved in manipulating the election, and punished for their sins. However people at large are disappointed with the report, as they were expecting that JC would come up with some recommendations to bring changes in the Election Commission and in electoral process, to ensure free and fair election.

They would have liked to see a process which would allow only those to contest the elections who are not tax evaders and bank loan defaulters, enforcement of Article 63 clauses of Constitution and 219 clauses 3. Is it not the moral obligation of every Judge to uphold the supremacy of the Constitution, even while conducting any inquiry? What is the use of such an inquiry, which cannot find the truth by using all available tools of investigation? Why waste nation resources in half done work?

It is well known that prevalent democracy in Pakistan is a fake and the Members of National and Provincial Assemblies are not true representative of majority of people. Who is representing the 80 million people living in abject poverty? Who is representing the poor farmers, factory workers, low level employees working in public and private sectors?

Who is raising their voice for the millions of unemployed educated youth who get no benefit from the state? Perhaps Honourable Judges of Superior Courts have nothing to do with Pakistan’ democracy, which actually is all about, ‘Of the rich, for the rich, by the rich.’


Lahore, July 26.