In the past the water experts and dam managers used to release the stored water from dams to the lower riparian, Sindh, in the beginning of the month of May for irrigational purposes, then, there were no floods, no destruction which we are witness and experiencing now. These thinking and humane managers of water were not corrupt and callous like the people we have now.

Deliberately, water experts and dam managers have changed and challenged the natural circle of water in their lust for money and donations from international donor’s community, world bodies such as UNO, USAID, EU, JICA, ICCR, etc which they receive at the expense of killing thousands and leaving millions homeless and without any means of earning. They thousands of XXXX which die and lives lost have no meaning for them, all they care about is pocketing the money the world sends to help the disaster hit people, who do not see a single penny of this money.

Our Prime Minister’s visit to the areas in a safe and secure helicopter is the height of lack of sympathy for these people who he claims to govern. Is there anyone to take notice of this crime against the nation, flora and fauna and direct them to follow the old well-settled pattern of “storing and releasing” water in the existing dams, so as to avert annual man made, not floods and rains caused, disasters across Pakistan?


Islamabad, July 25.