S: What nonsense is this? How can the Afghan government say out of the blue that Mullah Omar has been dead for two years. Then his Eid message was surely sent from beyond the grave? Maybe I’ll get my very own fax machine too to communicate with you when I’m dead.

A: No thank you. I’d prefer that you remain dead. Unlike the Taliban leaders, who die over and over again, sending journalists and the media in a frenzy every time.

S: You know, they say, that whenever governments and intelligence agencies lose trail of these terrorists, they pronounce them dead publicly just so they come out of hiding and then they can capture them.

A: What would the Pakistani government gain from apprehending Mullah Omar at this hour when the peace talks are finally underway between the Afghan Taliban and the Afghan government? It doesn’t make any sense.

S: Nothing related to these criminals and wanted men will ever make sense in our world. Be it the LeJ chief and the mysterious police shoot out that finally killed him or the one eyed terrorist so feared by the world. They will always remain shrouded in mystery.

A: Perhaps that’s why they make for interesting topics for us to discuss. Ever hear of any other celebrity who died three times only to be resurrected again?