With PPP cochairman, holding meeting of his ruling party, in connection of reshuffling in Sindh cabinet in Dubai, it has become clear that Karachi has lost its status of capital of Sindh. Our forefathers struggled against the foreign rule on the peal that fate of indigenous people should not be decided by people living in England and Dehli, in case of British and emperors of Delhi respectively. We fought legal and armed battles against foreigners who looted our resources.

Our indigenous rulers instead of improving the infrastructure they inherited have destroyed whatever foreign rulers had put in place and got loans, which will have to be paid by the public, wasted these on luxurious lifestyle, took remaining to foreign lands. Staunch supporters of democracy have been put in a very precarious position. The rulers have been insulting the mandate of people and abusing the cherished institution of democracy since decades.

Zardari has presented such a model of Democracy that the common man and even the educated lot find infuriating and disgusting. Can we demand the degenerated lot of PPP ruling elite to come to their senses. They feel that there is no power on earth that can hold them accountable. Now the voters from Sindh have to wake up, from their drugged coma induced by useless slogans like martyrdom, sub-nationalism, exploitation by Punjab, victimization by judiciary, pulling of strings by establishment etc and act in the best interest of their own province.


Johi, July 25.