In Ufa, during the 15th summit of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Pakistan and India were accorded full membership. Russia and China supported Pakistan’s full membership of SCO. Pakistan is eagerly looking forward to collaborate in core SCO activities such as the areas of finance and commerce, transport and communications, and energy and security. SCO consists of five members of Economic Cooperation Organisation and three members of SAARC, along with Russia and China.

The former President of USSR, Brezhnev proposed Asian Security to counter the influence of USA but could not materialise his dream. This is the first gesture of conglomeration of SAARC and ECO and materialisation of that dream.

This membership will help Pakistan avert the imminent oil and energy crisis. The SCO is primarily centered on its member nation’s Asian security related concerns, often describing the main threats it confronts as being terrorism, separatism and extremism. The bloc would help them tackle the ‘three evil forces.’ With the admission of Pakistan and India, SCO has become the largest regional organisation of Asia in terms of area and population and natural and human resources.


Sukkur, July 26.