Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is urging Pakistan to take military action against the Taliban in his recent statements, who have their centres in Pakistan. Though the blame has been conveniently shifted on Pakistan, in reality an unstable Afghanistan threatens Pakistan, complicating the latter’s ability to refurbish its weak state and economy and suppress dangerous internal militancy. For establishing stability in Afghanistan, Pakistan military forces and government are making efforts at every needed level. 

The UNSG’s recent report on Afghanistan strengthens the firm international consensus, duly shared by Pakistan that, ‘Only by a negotiated political agreement will Afghans achieve sustainable peace’. However, it is difficult to ascertain the sincerity of commitment of these actors towards the peace process in Afghanistan. 

The Afghan government and the international coalition must appreciate Pakistan’s role in fighting the war against terror and leading operations like Zarb-e-Azb. The Afghan government should take similar measures against TTP in its territory; elimination of TTP sanctuaries is essential to peace and security in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

Pakistan is ready to support a genuine Afghan peace process. Pakistan is seeking effective border management for checking the infiltrations across the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The Afghan government’s cooperation in this regard is an imperative for mutual security. 


Islamabad, July 29.