ISLAMABAD - The federal government has directed the 160 nominated officers of grade 19 of different services groups for the Senior Management Course to report at the National School of Public Policy till August 13.

According to revised promotion policy, if an officer is nominated for the mandatory training and he/she declines to proceed on training for two consecutive training courses, he/she would forfeit the right to consideration for promotion. in case of any withdrawal of nomination either by the Department or by the officer himself/herself, the officer concerned will be responsible, if it adversely affects his/her promotion prospects.

According to the Establishment Division notification, total of 160 officers have been nominated for the 20th SMC of all services groups, including 20 officers of Pakistan Administrative Service, 12 officers of Police Service of Pakistan, 16 officers of Secretariat Group,   three nominated officers belong to Ministry of Railways.

Similarly, 11 officers of the Pakistan Custom Service, 18 officers of Inland Service of Pakistan, two officers of Federal Bureau of Revenue, ten officers of Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service of Pakistan, two officers of Pakistan Account and Service, three officers of Pakistan Foreign Service, two officers of Postal Group, four officers of Ministry of Defence and Production, four officers of Inter Services of Intelligence, seven officers of Finance Division, 10 officers of Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, seven officers of Government of Balochistan, two officers of government of Sindh, one officer of government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, two officers of State Bank of Pakistan and three officers of Civil Aviation Division have also been nominated for the course. 

The notification further says that the course will be commencing from 15-08-2016 and nominated officers may report to the National School of Public Policy, Lahore NSPP) 13thor 14th August, 2016. The above nominations are subject to provision of latest Annual Medical Examination Reports to be submitted to the concerned Institute.

The course fee (Rs250,000) in case of Ex-cadre officers of the Federal Government, officers of Provincial Governments and Autonomous bodies etc. nominated for the course shall be arranged by their respective departments/governments etc and to this effect payment shall be remitted to NSPP, Lahore/NIM Karachi through bank draft/cross cheque/pay order at the time of joining the course by the officer concerned or as early as possible.

As per the Prime Minister’s directive, issued vide this Division’s DO letter No.5/I 1/2000-TII/T-1 dated 10-06-2014 all Ministries/Divisions/Departments are bound to relieve the officers on their selection for training course without fail. The Ministries/Divisions/ Departments shall make stop-gap arrangements, as the nominated officers are not required to attend their offices while undergoing training. Non-compliance of the directions of the Prime Minister shall tantamount to disciplinary proceedings under the Government Servants (E&D) Rules, 1973.