PESHAWAR - Former eight-time world squash champion Jansher Khan has said that Pakistan squash has been going through transitional period and it will take some time to regain its lost glory.

Talking to The Nation, Jansher said: “When I accepted offer of joining hands with the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF), I was assured all powers and decision making for the betterment of this game, but I am highly disappointed that PSF honorary secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz never bothered to attend my calls and also never bother to call me back. He also never visited Peshawar to have meeting with me to discuss the Pakistan National Squash Academy (PNSA) affairs.  “I am highly surprised that Senior Vice President Air Vice Marshal Retd Syed Razi Nawab, Air Commodore Aftab Qureshi and Amir Nawaz have no squash knowledge whatsoever but they present themselves as champions of squash and always make key decisions. Unless full powers are given to former greats like me, it is not possible to regain lost squash glory,” he added.

Jansher said he was appointed advisor to Chief of Air Staff and head of PNSA Peshawar chapter, but despite several months lapse, he had not given any powers and nobody bothered to ask his how he wanted to work and implement his plans for the revival of Pakistan squash.

“I can’t work under these circumstances, which I have been witnessing for the last six months. I am sorry to say, I didn’t notice any improvement yet. They had established academy at Islamabad, but it is not working the way it should have been. I had met with the PSF president four or five times and he assured me his all-out support, he is very sincere and taking keen interest in taking Pakistan squash to new heights but his subordinates have other ideas in their minds,” he said.

Jansher said: “Sohail Aman has promised me that my recommendations will be implemented in true letter and spirit, but nothing was done in this regard yet. He is the most dedicated PSF president whom I have ever met and he is the only person who can revive this game in Pakistan. For the betterment of Pakistan squash, I strongly recommend him to immediately remove SVP Razi Nawab, Aftab Qureshi and secretary Amir Nawaz as unless these persons are not removed, Pakistan squash would keep on suffering.

“The PSF chief had earlier warned these three officials that he would not want to hear any complaint against them from Jansher. I still believe these three have no clear cut plans and vision but they have been misguiding the PSF president. I don’t want to get any personal favours or benefits, but I just want to pay back the country, which gave me name and fame,” he added.

“Why our future champions like Aamir Atlas, Danish and so many past greats have left the country or still many planning to do so. Why a true professional player like Farhan Mehboob, whose case wasn’t dealt seriously, turned his back on the country. The PSF officials don’t want to give free hands to the players and treat top players with worst possible way. They don’t provide correct and actual information to the PSF chief and hide actual facts, so their removal is the only thing which can save sinking ship of Pakistan squash,” the squash legend asserted.

“I strongly believe Pakistan is blessed with natural raw talent but the only need of the hour is to provide them with a platform where they may showcase their skills and provide them with training and proper coaching and then see the results. My services are always available for Pakistan squash and I will never hesitate in helping this game, and I assure if given full authority, I will deliver and help Pakistan squash regain past glory,” Jansher concluded.