RAHIM YAR KHAN-Police arrested four accomplices of Kamran Shah, a PML-N youth wing leader who has been running a private torture cell in Satellite Town here for a long time with the alleged support from some policemen and a PML-N MNA, but he managed to escape.

According to sources, Kamran Shah succeeded to escape with the coordination of his friends in police force in a car. Police raided the house of PML-N councilor Chaudhry M Ali in Iqbal Nagar but his son Hassan escaped before the raid. Police also raided many other places to arrest the culprits but not succeeded. Meanwhile, Kamran Shah shared a video message on social media that the videos of torture were edited but in same message Shah was saying that he tortured different persons because they were involved in harassment of his son.

Police not released any hand out regarding the issue of torture cell while DPO Zeeshan Asghar did not attend the call. Torture cell in the patronage of influential political figures of ruling party in the city is a question mark on the government, said PTI district coordinator Rana Raheel Ahmed in a press conference here on Friday.

He alleged that suspect Kamran Shah was running the torture cell in satellite town with the support of PML-N MNA Mian Imtiaz Ahmed and his two brothers where poor, innocent and political opponents were tortured. He said that DPO has appointed SHO B division Shabbir to arrest the culprits who are seen with Kamran Shah in the leaked videos.

PML-N Youth Wing District president Adnan Rasheed said in a press conference that Kamran Shah has formed a group of criminals with the support of local MNA and proclaimed offenders Dhaku Shah, Irfan Keera, Shebi, Adnan.

He said that Kamran Shah is a so-called divisional president of PML-N Youth Wing nominated by local MNA but Youth Wing central president Safdar and provincial president Abid Sher Ali had issued nominated Adnan Rasheed on the position. During another press conference, Islam Welfare Foundation president Parveen Akram claimed that she received a letter which was thrown with a heavy stone in her house in which she got life threats from Kamran Shah on sharing videos of torture on social media.

She said that being a social activist she was struggling for human rights and visited police station B division against the hooliganism of Kamran Shah but police always supported the criminals.

She further said that she also shared the torture videos of Kamran Shah with DPO RYK and RPO Bahawalpur but having evidence of presence of Kamren Shah in the videos they ordered only FIR without nominating Kamran Shah.

Parveen also claimed that she had more videos of college girls who are victim of the cruelty of Kamran Shah but will show before DCO, DPO and media.