None could be a person’s best friend as compared to friendship with books” is a famous adage followed about book lovers in old golden days. There was a time when book lovers always remained in search of good books everywhere, they considered books as their best friends and thought nothing was as satisfying to their reading instinct as the habit of reading latest and interesting books.

No doubt, reading is one of the most important ways of education and therefore the books are very powerful as they can be read by a large number of people and thus opinions reflected in the books spread. But unfortunately, it has become a rare feature nowadays. Book reading habit is on the decline because of rapidly integrated computer technology where anyone could access anytime by spending a meagre amount and, that too, without leaving their homes.

Another reason for the declining of book reading is that people can not afford costly books. Nowadays people are so busy in their life that they have no time to read books. People are more likely to read books online as it is handier and save time.

It is important to understand the value of books. People should know that the knowledge and education which we can gain from the books, we can not gain it from online reading.


Karachi, July 10.