ISLAMABAD: Parliamentarians and leaders belonging to different political parties, members of civil society and representatives of media organizations have demanded that protection of Harmain Shareefen and Islamic sites. They termed it as a religious obligation and stressed that the Islamic world must adopt a joint strategy against terrorists who are destroying sacred Islamic sites.

The speakers expressed these views while addressing a conference on the subject of “Protection of Harmain Sharefen and holy Islamic sites” held under the auspices of Mukhtar Organization Pakistan, the youth wing of TNFJ here on Sunday.

They said that issue of terrorist attacks at Masjid e Nabwi, and continued terrorist attacks on the shrines of Prophets (A.S), pious companions of the holy Prophet (PBUH) as well as holy Prophet’s pious progeny (A.S) will be raised at all national and international forums including National Assembly and Senate.

Participants of the conference demanded in the joint declaration that UNO and UNESCO must fulfill their duties for the protection of Islamic sites, the cemeteries of Jannat ul Baqi and Janntaul Mualla must be declared as international heritage, government must take concrete steps for the protection of the shrines associated with Auliya e Karam and play her role at the international diplomatic fronts for the restoration of sacred sites. Unity of Muslim Ummah is the need of the hour and therefore all efforts must be made to achieve it, they added.