ISLAMABAD - All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) central executive committee asked the party’s chief Gen (retired) Pervez Musharraf to return to the country and play his due role in formation of a third political force to rid the country from the forces of status quo.

The meeting was presided over by the central secretary general of the party Dr Mohammad Amjad and attended by the CEC members from all the four provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), Kashmir and federal capital chapter.

The meeting reviewed the political situation in the country after disqualification of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister and said that the political vacuum created by the fall of the PML-N leadership demanded creation of a third political force for filling this gap.

They said that only a visionary leader like Musharraf could fill this gap.

They asked the party chief to return to the country and personally address the party’s rally to be held in Faisalabad on August 12.

The meeting considered that Gen (retd) Musharraf was fully capable of transforming the party into third biggest political force and with the support of like-minded parties he could outwit the forces of status quo and transform the country into a real democracy.


INP adds: Former President Pervez Musharraf has termed Supreme Court’s verdict disqualifying Nawaz Sharif ‘great’ and ‘pleasant for Pakistanis’.

During an interview with an Indian newspaper, Musharraf said that Nawaz’s disqualification will pave way for his return to Pakistan.

He clarified that declaring Nawaz disqualified is not judicial coup. “Court gave the verdict after deep ponder. Nawaz Sharif deserved this as he not only misled the court but also distorted the facts. Apex Court’s decision was according to the wishes of Pakistani nation,” he said.

Talking about the effects of the verdict, Musharraf said that it favoured Imran and his party while PML-N suffered loss. “In next general elections, alliance can be made against PML-N with many parties, besides Imran. Our aim is to impede PML-N and PPP who have been tried thrice by the nation but they only looted the country and gave only disappointment,” he said.

The former president declared reports regarding Hurriyet leaders receiving funds from Pakistan and torching the schools as ‘malicious propaganda’.

“Hurriyet leaders are mujahideen and want to help the Kashmiris. On the contrary Indian army is committing genocide in Kashmir,” he pronounced.

He also talked about US’s move to discontinue 350 million dollar funds to Pakistan. “Pakistan will not die without these funds,” he notified.

He acknowledged China as Pakistan’s great friend and rejected all such reports saying that the former country wanted to make the latter its slave.