Islamabad-Higher Education Commission has finalised the arrangements to set up University of Central Asia and Pakistan (UCAP) to fulfil federal government’s plan for providing higher educational facilities to the students of Central Asian states.

Official sources told APP on Sunday that the project would be completed with a total amount of Rs2.84 billion of which Rs600 million had been allocated in 2016-17, annual budget. This amount would be used for establishment of basic structure of the university as Rs500 million would be allocated in the current year, sources said.

Under the plan the classes for the UCAP University would be started temporarily in the building of COMSAT Institute by September 2018. HEC would decide about allocation of land for the project in August 2017.

The UCAP University is being established in Pakistani capital under the government’s policy of promoting international peace, social and economical development in the region and cultural exchange.

This initiative of the government would help make the country a hub of knowledge and civilizations and increase cooperation among the South and Central Asian countries, the sources added. Initially, the programmes of Schools of Business and Leadership would be started that would be followed by other programmes in different phases. In this regard, the induction process of university’s faculty and other staff is being initiated in an effort to complete the process of finalising the courses, admissions and other projects.

The process for the induction of head of the university and faculty members has been opened for all countries and those fulfilling criteria would be eligible to apply.

HEC would prefer international educational professionals while no preferred quota has been allocated for the Central Asian states.

The vacancies for the appointments of faculty have also been posted to different international websites.

HEC has completed the process of consultation with the ambassadors of the Central Asian states and they have also been given briefing in this regard.

The allocation of land and the provision of basic structure for the establishment of university was the responsibility of the Pakistani government while the Central Asian states can take part in operational cost, directly or by providing scholarships to their students.