Lahore-J&H Fashion Store, the first multi-label designer wear retailer with a café, had its grand opening yesterday.

 The Fashion Store houses over 30 designer labels including Shiza Hassan, Hira Ali, NimrahKhokhar, Maroon by Iqra, UmerIftikhar, FaizaSaqlain, Amina Naeem, MBM, Promosing, RabiaHaris, Malabas, Faxionixta, Azleena Faisal, Shelly &Mavi, Noor-e-Ain,Nabeez Rana, Rakshanda Khalid, Aukshanya, Anni Khan, Haute Couture, Noor Hamid, Titch& Stitch, Zaid bin Saeed, and HusnynMehtab.

The fashion store is built to offer Premium Retail Space for upcoming and established designers of Pakistan. Shoppers can find a magnificent range of unique merchandise here, including Pret, Luxury Pret, Couture, Menswear, Shoes, and Accessories.

The store also has a built in contemporary café to drive traffic in droves.

The menu of the café is a crowd pleaser and consists of everyday specials, coffee, tea, and mocktails.