The word ‘Naya Pakistan’ was introduced by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and it gave a new hope to the people. A country envisioned by Jinnah, with equality between poor and rich, every religion to get equal respect, safety of minorities, where an educated person would not have to commit suicide due to unemployment, was something to look forward. And after a few years he turned many doubters into believers by the virtue of his unflagging speeches.

No doubt his performance on the political ground is as bold as it used to be on the cricket ground. After the Panama verdict, he proved his strong position in politics and also that he is the ‘Man of his Words’ and now he said ‘It's Zardari's turn to face accountability’ and I only hope for the best.

As people listen to his speeches, they fall more in love with his idea and are raising their hopes day by day. But is the idea of 'Naya Pakistan' really based on reality or is just a myth based on idealism?

No matter how blindly PTI followers support Imran Khan and his idea of ‘Naya Pakistan’ but there is one question in every supporter/Pakistani’s mind that, How this ‘Naya Pakistan’ concept be any different from the existing one?

Imran Khan said that he wants to make Pakistan like the western countries but western countries are not religious they are secular, so is this 'Naya Pakistan' going to be a secular or a religious state? Is it going to give the respect and first priority to the Islamic teachings?

Right now every third person is supporting this idea but they only support it because they are tired of corrupt politicians, injustice and terrorism, nobody actually knows how it will look like. And who knows if it's going to be more horrible than the existing one.

On the other hand, Imran Khan and other political parties are saying that 'Democracy' is the first priority of Pakistan. ‘Save Democracy’ if you want to ‘Save the Country’. But is this 'so called Democracy' really serving our country?

In the past nine years, Pakistan has faced its worst time. This democracy not only gave a chance to corrupt politicians to do their own dirty work but also gave a chance to terrorists to destroy our country's image all over the world even affected the future.

Democracy is a system, where government is of the people, by the people and for the people. According to this concept, politicians are the servants of the public but in Pakistan, our system has changed the meaning of democracy and according to their definition of democracy, Public is their servant and they can do whatever they want.

So my question here is that if Imran khan will introduce new democracy or will he follow the current one?

Well, no one really knows how this 'Naya Pakistan' will look like and everyone is only idealising it according to their own imagination. Many people also believe it to be just a myth but also, we cannot deny that it gave hope to the hopeless nation.

After the recent political sprints, people have become tired of corrupt politicians, terrorism and unemployment, so this Imran's idea of Naya Pakistan is somehow working as 'A drowning man will clutch at a straw'.

For every Pakistani, this is not a fight between PML-N and PTI, not even old or new Pakistan. It is more like for the sake of saving the country. And now after so many years of destruction, we should not rely on any political party for Naya Pakistan , the future of Pakistan is in our hands and we should make it ‘Jinnah's Pakistan’.