WASHINGTON - Pakistan Embassy in Washington has clarified a news item published in The Nation on July 30 with the headline, “Pakistan hints at retaliation after US withheld funds.”

“The news item inaccurately reports the contents of the ambassador’s remarks at a think tank in Washington-DC ostensibly based on another foreign news report which is misleading,” a press release said.

“On the relevant occasion, Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry had reiterated Pakistan’s strong resolve to continue to fight all terrorist networks based on the national consensus against terrorism. As a result, cooperation with the United States forms a part of Pakistan’s own overall successful counterterrorism drive. This cooperation has been longstanding, multifaceted, has achieved results and serves mutual interests,” the PR added.

It further said: “The ambassador had pointed out that in developing an accurate appreciation of Pakistan’s actions against terrorism and its cooperation with international community, a whole range of factors, including Pakistan’s past and ongoing successful counter-terrorism operations, a staggering human and financial cost that the people of Pakistan have paid, unilateral efforts in border management and Pakistan’s broad-ranging facilitation to partner countries must be kept in view.” “Pakistan looks forward to working with the United States in achieving enduring peace and prosperity in the region as a shared interest and on the basis of mutual respect,” the PR concluded.