PESHAWAR - Qaumi Watan Party Chairman Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao said on Sunday that breaking and making of political alliances was part of politics but in their case, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had not only breached the agreement signed between the two parties but also showed political immaturity for not understanding their stance on Panama leaks issue.

Sherpao said this while formally announcing resignations of his party’s ministers and advisors from the provincial cabinet of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government. By doing so, the PTI Chairman Imran Khan pushed his party towards isolation, he said, adding that they were no more part of the PTI-led KP coalition government as their ministers and advisors had tendered resignation from their offices.

Earlier, Sherpao presided over a meeting of the central executive council of his party, after which he said that political alliances were made and broken but the PTI had not only breached the agreement signed with the QWP as ruling partner but also showed political immaturity for not understanding their stance on Panama issue.

“We had a principled stand on the JIT report and its recommendations and fully accepted Supreme Court’s verdict against Nawaz Sharif and his family”, he said.

Flanked by QWP KP Chairman Sikandar Sherpao, Aneesa Zeb Tahirkheli, Arshad Umerzai, Abdul Karim, Bakht Baidar Khan and other MPAs, he said that his party had sided with opposition parties on the Panama issue, adding that like other political parties, the QWP was free to go with its own manifesto, vision and agenda.

In the centre, he said, his party was not bound to follow PTI’s point of view on various issues because the PTI and QWP were allied at provincial level only. He was of the view that the QWP had rejoined the KP government on the request of CM Pervez Khattak and for that had signed an agreement with the PTI.

He further said that CM Khattak, who he said was signatory to the agreement, had must consulted them before parting ways. “He (Khattak) was well-aware of the whole situation and he must have honoured the agreement with our party,” he said, adding that the QWP would not become part of any move that lead to derailing democracy. He said that present parliament should complete its term and general elections should be held as per its schedule in 2018.

Sherpao said that PTI leadership was moving towards isolation and seeking political martyrdom in KP, because it had so far zero performance in the province. There are also internal differences within the PTI and there might have been some pressure on central leadership to blame others for their weaknesses, he alleged.

Meanwhile, the four portfolio-holders belonging to the QWP, two ministers, one advisor and one special assistant to the chief minister sent their resignations to the KP Governor on Sunday evening.

As per details, the KP Minister for Irrigation and Social Welfare Sikandar Hayat Sherpao, Labour and Minerals Minister Aneesa Zeb Tahir Kheli, Advisor to CM Arshad Khan Umerzai and special assistant to the CM Abdul Karim Khan formally tendered their resignations from offices concerned and sent to the governor for approval.