LAHORE: Pakistan Awami Tehreek chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri is due here on Aug 8, a core committee announcement said on Monday.

It said the chairman has postponed all foreign engagements and is due here on Aug 8.

Secretary-general Nawaz Gandapur said PAT workers and leaders will accord him a warm welcome upon arrival. He said Dr Qadri will chalk out plan to pressure release of the Baqar Najafi Commission Report to get justice for Model Town victims.

He said it is an irony that three years have passed but the report has not been made public. He said if the Sharif brothers think, they are not involved in the incident, what was the justification for delay in the release of the report?

He said the PAT holds them responsible for the Model Town killings for following reasons. Families of the victims were refused registration of the FIR,  an impartial JIT was not formed, the Baqar Najafi Report was not made public, accused police officials were gifted with lucrative positions, bailing out of accused policemen and their appointment on key positions, offering huge money to victim families, favoring accused policemen by the prosecution  in the ATC. He said the PAT would go to the last extent to get Qisas.