Call it what you will; a euphoric state of being, a conscious dedication to the complete truth, or plain inattentiveness, but Imran Khan frequently seems to suffer from bouts of tactlessness. While giving an interview to a friendly news channel, a relaxed and off-guard Imran Khan launched into an anecdote about how he decided to take the Panama case to the courts – unprompted by the interviewer, it must be added – and revealed a conversation he had with Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, who was a prominent part of the Panama bench, where the judge urged him to leave the streets in protest and come to the apex court.

Of course this does not amount to ‘collusion’ on the face of it, and in fact is excellent advice that needs to be given to Imran Khan from time to time. However, the PTI Chief could have stayed mum about the advice, and quit while he was ahead rather than embroil the Supreme Court in controversy, making it appear to be partial. Revealing your prior contacts with judge in a case that you won – controversially too – is not good sense in any part of the world.

This little gaffe appears to be the PTI Chief’s attempt to get out from under the shadow of being “U-Turn” Khan, when him and his party decided not to lock down Islamabad with a million supporters on November 1, 2016. Suffice to say, Imran Khan was probably moving to the beat of his own drum (or a hidden drum), rather than the SC.

Or was he? This question will haunt the Honourable bench, that probably does not need further controversy after taking such a bold decision over the disqualification of the PM.

So as the PTI gathered yesterday in Parade Ground in Islamabad, the Chief and his supporters had much to be thankful for. Their aim to oust the PM had been achieved. Yet there is something to be said for being a gracious winner, which the PTI Chief did not appear to be earlier on Sunday.