SARGODHA - The residents of three villages AzmatWala, Thatha Hakiman and Chitror have complained against unannounced hours-long electric outages and low voltage disturbing their life.

They demanded the authorities concerned resolve the long-standing issue as low electric voltage affects their home appliances due to delay in the upgradation of the transformers installed years ago. Azmatwala Union Council Chairman Rai Farooq said due to improved living standard of the people the use of high power appliances has increased which requires heavy capacity transformers. The low voltage, he said, was damaging power appliances thus incurring financial loss to the consumers.  “A 50kv transformer at Azmatwala was installed in 80s which is required to be upgraded to at least 100kv due to population growth and increased demand of electricity,” he said. Farmer Sarfraz Ahmed said that low voltage was also affecting agriculture sector as electric tube-wells were not working to their capcity and also affecting machinery and agricultural produce. The residents were forced to bear 10 to 12 hours unannounced loadshedding making their lives miserable. “ Fesco Chief Executive Officer Mujahid Islam Billah has assured the people to replace the old transformer at Azmatwala with a required capacity but no action has so far been taken,” the residents complained. The residents of these villages have demanded Punjab government direct the relevant authorities to resolve the persistent issue.