KARACHI - Day five of the Young Leaders Conference (YLC) proved to be another insightful day, continuing process of transformation that was set in motion on day 1. With ‘Political Leadership’ the theme of the day, participants were given a preview of how politics play a significant role in leadership.

As part of the conference, with the theme ‘The 300’ participants were encouraged to identify how they would make politics part of their transformation journey. Day moderator, Uzair Ausaf, a renowned corporate trainer, framed the purpose of the day in the overall context of the conference.

The first session of the day was a keynote session on ‘Power of People: Is it a reality in Pakistan?’ by Ali Zaidi from PTI. This was followed by an informative keynote session conducted by renowned filmmaker and artist, Shahzad Nawaz. During his session titled ‘Branding in today’s Politics’, Nawaz engaged in conversation with the participants, to talk about the rights and duties of citizenship and how political leaders use branding as a key-tool in their campaigns. Justice Nasira Iqbal took the stage for a spotlight session depicting the poetry of Allama Iqbal.

Governance Skills Shops were also part of the program covering topics such as Collaborative Governance, Youth in Public Service, Electoral Reforms, ICT in Governance, and Ethics and Morality. These skill shops were conducted by leading personalities including Rizwan Rashid, Shireen Naqvi, and Kamran Rizvi amongst others.

The Skill Shops were followed by a keynote on ‘Activism and Street Power’ carried out by activist and lawyer, Mohammad Jibran Nasir to highlight the current scenario of the country and how activists play a role in shaping the society.

“I always thought that nothing would ever change in this country. Now I realize that nothing ever will unless I change that attitude,” remarked a visibly emotional participant following the discussion.