LOSANGELES-Zayn Malik has confessed he isn't a very ''outgoing'' person and says it has been a year since he has ''properly shown his face'' in public.

The former One Direction star says it has been a year since he has ''properly shown his face'' in public.

He told Vogue: ''Personally I am not a very outgoing, like, social person. Like, in terms of big groups of people; it's been a year since I've properly shown my face. I always feel like I'm trying to work through whatever certain issues are around certain subjects.

''For me personally, I think it comes from a place of not ever wanting to come across as an over-arrogant person or a person that takes themselves too seriously. I'm not always trying to be pretentious or say something that I think is going to change the world. I feel like I'm one voice among millions.''

Meanwhile, Zayn previously revealed his struggles with anxiety have become ''much more manageable''.

He said: ''It's not a thing that you just get rid of overnight but it's getting to a much more manageable place. I think it came from a lack of confidence, just a sense of disbelief sic in myself .You have a certain sense of control, which is nice. And I'm more confident in my ability and what I want to give to my fans. I can think of people coming out to see me perform as a positive thing now, rather than something I am dreading.''

And the 24-year-old singer can't go anywhere without being recognised.

He explained: ''It's a really weird world. I don't think there's anywhere I could be anonymous now. In New York (where Gigi is based), you can sometimes get out in the early hours of the morning for a walk. But there's no underground parking here, no escape routes. So they're going to get pictures, they're going to find you. In LA (his own usual US base), it's more catered to these things - you've got back entrances and that.''