In a country plagued by counterfeit and or expired products, it’s a pretty standard sight witnessing raids being conducted in various factories around the country. An excellent example of these is food kitchens, where the quality of oil, kitchen hygiene or other general health and safety standards come into question. 

However, I never thought this problem would arise in the field of medicines. When buying a medicine from the pharmacy, one is expecting the medicines to be legitimate. However, unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. The people and the government need to be made aware as to just how dangerous this can be. 

This is where, upon further research, I discovered a Swiss- based pharmaceutical company which launched an Access program, which allows treatment of various diseases for the price of $1 a month per disease. This program is aimed for low income countries like ours, and helps sort the issue of quality (which can’t be taken for granted anymore) and affordability (something we can always use). The relevant authorities should promote programs like these before serious numbers are affected. 


Karachi, July 11.