LAHORE - The Metropolitan Corporation Lahore approved more than Rs 10 billion budget amid protest from opposition which torn the budget copies. 

The session was held on Monday at Town Hall with Speaker Rao Suhabuddin in the chair.  Opposition leader Afif Saddique was denied the right to speak and opposition benches started shouting slogans against treasury. 

Rao Suhabuddin also assumed charge of 4th speaker of MCL.  Opposition leader Afif Saddique said the lord mayor presented the budget but no debate or discussion was held.

“Interestingly the mayor was suspended for 15 days during the interim government then where he got all the documents for budget…budget was a joke and opposition won’t accept it,” he said.  The session started with one hour delay.  The assembly presented a picture of fish market where every member without even his turn tried to speak and chanted slogans against each other.

In annual budget Fiscal Year (FY) 2018-19 tax on transfer of immovable property proposed budget target is Rs 2380 million. In the proposed budget building plan fee estimate target set was 113 million rupees, license fee Rs 87 million, enforcement fines by enforcement inspectors and fines by TOR & tickets Rs 11 million and cattle Mandi (areas) 8 million rupees.    

Rs 2040 million development budget has been set for the MCL.

Rs 1842 million has been proposed in terms of salaries while expenditures of the MCL has been proposed Rs 5597 million and total salary and non-salary budget proposed is Rs 7540 million.  According to ADP fiscal year 2018-19 of MCL 24.8 million rupees has been set for the ongoing development schemes in all nine zones including Gulberg, Iqbal, Ravi, Data Gunj Baksh, Nishtar, Wagha, Shalimar, Aziz Bhatti, Samanabad and missing liability of zones FY 2016-17.

Amid sheer slogan chanting from both the sides of house, the chair adjourned the meeting for indefinite period.