Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan will withdraw from four seats of the National Assembly out of five.

The PTI chairman contested the election on five National Assembly seats: Bannu’s NA-35, Islamabad’s NA-53, Mianwali’s NA-95, Lahore’s NA-131 and Karachi’s NA-243.

He won the election on all five seats. Now, he will have to select the one seat that he will retain and let go of the remaining four.

By-elections will be held on the four seats that he will give up. The party will lose the seats if it can’t secure victory in the by-elections.

Sources said that several party leaders have suggested Imran Khan not to quit NA-131 Lahore seat because he won the seat with a minor difference.

On Wednesday last week, millions of Pakistanis voted to elect a new government and prime minister in a peaceful elections held in free, fair and transparent manner.

Around 800,000 police and military forces were stationed at more than 85,000 polling stations across the country as the voting took place.

Wednesday’s election was only the second democratic transition of power in Pakistan's 70-year coup-studded history.