Pakistan is a state where half of the population lacks the admittance of safe and quality food. We have a large number of children who are malnourished and are hopeless for any betterment. Tons of food is wasted on a daily basis whereas, on the other hand, poor people put their lives on risk to have one meal a day for their loved ones. Majority of people, however, do not understand the need of saving food. For the poor even a chunk matters a lot; even if they have to feed their family from dirt, rubbish or from any other deleterious means. Or if even we get the exact amount of food we require we are not sure whether it is safe or not.

On the other hand, Punjab Food Authority a government is working day and night for the welfare of people despite the difficulties or threats they face every day. Nothing stops them from putting their step forward and looking after all the food-related issues going on in our country. PFA has been a spinal cord in the food business industry where they teach knowledge to those like adulteration mafia.

They took initiative to aware people on food wastage matters and have been informing on every bigger or smaller scale. However, nothing is possible in the entire world if everyone is not working together. We as citizens of Pakistan need to understand our responsibility towards our nation. The very first step is to work on yourself rather than pointing fingers at others such as the amount of food we cook should be homemade and as per the need of our appetite. Do not just cook for yourself and remember what our religion taught us, be vigilant and inform the authorities wherever you see adulteration of any sort.