ISLAMABAD - Adviser to Federal Ombudsman Dr Rania Ahsan on Tuesday in a report regarding children and women detainees in the country said that Pakistan has been ranked at 19th for women in prison population.

Dr Rania said that the government was cognizant of inadequacies in the criminal justice system and trying to initiate reforms.

The report revealed that a total of population in prisons was mainly 84,325 out of which 1650 were female as per statistics in 2017 this also included 1527 adult women prisoners.

In 2018, the number of female detainees was 1955, however, the number of detainees and their percentage in the total prison population remained low.

In 1999, the number of women in prisons was 1,203 and 1,518 women lead their lives in jails.

In 2007 the total number of women in prisons was 1,328 while in 2010 the number of women in prisons had decreased and reached 931.

During 2015 the number of women in prisons was 1,650 and 1,527 in 2017.

In 2018 a total of 98 women were in prisons and under trial population comprised of approximately 74 pc of inmates with sentenced prisoners, 26 pc of total prison population.