The water level at River Chenab has increased causing flood in nearby areas after India released millions cusecs water without prior information.

In an act of water terrorism, river Chenab is flooded after water released by India caused 55000 cusecs water increase in five hours. The water flow in Chenab has increased to 237000 cusecs from 182000 cusecs causing an alarming situation of nearby villages.

The reports further said India has not informed Pakistan about water release till now. India is bound to inform Pakistan from July 1 as per the agreement. Meanwhile, dozens of villages submerged in Pasrur after India have released flood water in Nullah Dek.

The release of flood water from the neighboring country has caused high level flood in Nullah Dek and dozens of villages have submerged and 

standing crops on hundreds of acres drowned. The land link of 12 villages of Union Council Takhtpur has been severed due to flooding, local sources said.

A flood flow of 14000 cusecs in Nullah Dek passing through at Kangra and Chahore points.

Overflowing water from the banks of Dek Nullah have drowned dozens of villages including Qazi Paharang, Makhanpur, Daulatpur,Sikandarpur, Dharewal, Kotli Khawaja, Kaluwali Syedan, Roopo Wali, Wahga, Kaluwali Khurd, Rasoolpur and Bhikki.

Moreover, paddy, barley and corn crops standing at hundreds of acres of farmland have also drowned under the water. The local people have been working on self help basis to address the emergency situation as concerned government officials yet to awake to give response to the situation.