KARACHI           -       Jamaat-i-islami Karachi has demanded to regis­ter FIRs against K-Electric over loss of human life in the city from electrocution.

In a statement, the party’s Karachi chief con­demned the miserable condition of the city af­ter two days of rain and blamed the local and pro­vincial governments for their failure to control the situation.

“Why the nullahs were not cleared off from gar­bage before despite re­peated warnings from met office of heavy rainfall in the city,” said JI Karachi chief and said those who misused the funds for cleaning nullahs should be behind bars.

Those who remained in power in federal, pro­vincial and local govern­ments in the city have en­joyed those posts in past also and were responsible for the current miseries of masses, he said.

“They failed to deliver despite remaining in pow­er for years,” said Naeem.

He said that the rulers are only involved in pho­to-shoots during the rain rather than taking con­crete measures to tackle the issues.

He also expressed his grief over loss of lives from electrocution in city and said that FIRs should be registered against K-Electric over it. “The af­fected families should get justice,” he said.