LAHORE-Imran Ashraf is considered as one of the best actors of Pakistani drama industry. He rose to unprecedented fame with his character of ‘Bhola’ in TV Drama ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.’

In the drama, he played the role of Mohiyuddin aka ‘Bhola’, a mentally unstable young man.

His performance not only earned him immense praise but also made him an Internet sensation with his famous dialogue ‘Haye Maazay’.

Recently, while speaking to BBC Asian Network in an interview, Imran Ashraf talked about his role as a transgender, “Firstly, I have faith in God. Secondly I have a question for you. In a house where there are four children-their father, however he may look, he’s there hero isn’t he. There is a hero in every house, street and story. So unconventional can also be a hero.”

When asked do you think you’ve challenged the definition of masculinity in Pakistan, the actor said: “I am doing an art. In art there is no need for six packs, deep eyes, and pretty hair. I’m trying to do pure art whoever is coming in the way of that, if I’m causing any damage to them then I can’t do anything.”

“For eight years I tolerated people jokes. Seniors in the industry used to say I am a minor supporting actor. There are the words I heard but I had a belief. I kept asking God for help. I kept working hard and look,” he added.

When asked how hard it has been for him to get this place today, Imran said: “I can’t explain in words. I think I have to cry infront of you to show my feelings.”