Last week around 10 am, I made my way to the nearby campus of Women Empowerment and Development Center. I came across many normal things that persist in our society for years. I walked to the center but this short walk led me to a lot of restrictions. I had to take a wheel and fold my scarf carefully to hide my body although I felt suffocated. Despite all this, I was stared at which made me feel insecure. A walk of less than a km made me meet almost 20 men staring vulgarly.

Keeping in sight that Walking out of home is quite hard for females in my society, yet I preferred to walk on the road till I reach campus. I had to be appreciated for the courage to walk out of the four walls of my home, instead, I was made to feel insecure.

Thus, to eradicate this awfulness I felt because of those wicked sights, it is important to transgress some restrictions. To bring an end to men dominated societies, I urge every female to go for outings alone and walk shoulder to shoulder with men. Change has to be made so start it from yourself.