Pakistan is one of the two last countries in the world, alongside Afghanistan, where polio cases are being reported. On Monday, four cases of polio were reported from KP and Balochistan. According to the KP(EOC)Emergency Operations Centre, two new cases of polio were found in Bannu district. The crippling disease was confirmed in a 12-months old girl and in a 30-months old boy in Jani Khel and Fatah Khel areas. As in Balochistan, the first two polio cases of the year were reported from Jaffarabad and Qilla Abdullah Districts. The health officials in Chaman described refusal by parents to inoculate their children as the underlying reason behind the fresh cases.

Only 12 cases were reported from across the country last year and just eight in 2017. This year, however, 41 polio cases have been reported across the country so far, 33 in KP including the newly merged tribal districts, three each in Punjab and Sindh, and two cases in Balochistan this year. The difference between the last two years and this year is too wide. The refusal of parents can increase the cases in upcoming years. To save children, there is a dire need of stopping these refusals.