Ten men kicked the bucket in a southern Indian state on Friday subsequent to devouring liquor inferred sanitizer, as neighborhood alcohol shops were shut because of a corona virus-related lock down, police said.

The passings in the town of Kurichedu, in Andhra Pradesh, came as India revealed another record flood in day by day COVID-19 cases, taking the all out to 1.64 million.

"A few people who are intensely dependent on liquor had been devouring hand sanitizers for the high," Siddharth Kaushal, the top police official in the area where Kurichedu is found, told Reuters. "Liquor isn't accessible in light of the lock down, yet hand sanitizers are effectively accessible."

He said some others who had additionally devoured sanitizer had been released from the clinic. A portion of the dead had other well being conditions, he included.

The national government has permitted the reviving of most monetary exercises to attempt to fight off money related debacle.