Lahore - Talking about missing persons, Advocate Supreme Court, Syed Ali Zafar said: “It is illegal not to produce a person picked for investigation before the court, which is the right of every Pakistani as enshrined in the Constitution. Else this act is also torturous for the missing person’s family.”

Barrister Ali said that the term “missing person” had a broad connotation and has been misused by terrorists to their ill advantage. He further added that to understand the definition of a missing person, an appropriate starting point would be the study of Judicial Commission report on Missing Persons, that classifies missing people into four categories: a person who is picked up by agencies; someone enticed by a terrorist organisation from Balochistan and trained as a terrorist; somebody who is picked for ransom and is killed, and a person who goes missing without the involvement of any one of the described elements.

Talking about the terrorist attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange last month, Advocate Zafar said that according to the media reports those involved were part of the legion that had gone missing to join the Balochistan Liberation Army.

Explaining their game plan, he said: “A terrorist organisation kills two birds with one stone. On the one hand, it recruits the person as a terrorist and on the other puts him in the category of a ‘missing person,’ so as to spread negative propaganda against the government and its law enforcement agencies.”

Giving a solution to the issue of clubbing every missing person into one category, Advocate Zafar said that it was about time we compare the list of the missing persons that the Judicial Commission had prepared with the list of the militants who had been killed during terror attacks.

This he said was the only way to counter the false narrative suggesting that every missing person was picked up by agencies.