Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar said that the individuals who led negative governmental issues during the corona virus couldn't prevail in their endeavor.

The CM Punjab said that the arrangement against corona virus in the authority of Prime Minister Imran Khan stayed effective including that a savvy lock down assisted with containing the infection while the Prime Minister's vision against the corona virus is being commended.

Sardar Usman Buzdar scrutinizing the resistance said that they have neither any procedure nor plan while the have lost credibility according to individuals while having tall cases they don't did anything for all intents and purposes.

He said that the resistance groups have become forlorn and left the individuals unattended also while he said that those restriction heads who led point scoring on the corona virus ought to atone from legislative issues of the untruth.

Usman Buzdar further said that the administration took opportune and farsighted choices in the authority of Prime Minister Imran Khan while the resistance groups attempted to hurt national solidarity and solidarity in spite of the corona virus pandemic.