FAISALABAD - Divisional Commissioner Ishrat Ali told media on Thursday that a comprehensive plan had been evolved for conducting cleanliness operations on Eid ul Azha days in four districts of the Faisalabad division. Deputy Commissioner (DC) Muhammad Ali, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Faisalabad Waste Management Company (FWMC) Kashif Raza Awan, Senior Manager Operation Col Emad Gill, Assistant Commissioner (AC) City Syed Ayub Bukhari and other officers were also present.

The Commissioner said the Faisalabad Waste Management Company (FWMC), Metropolitan Corporation (MC) and Municipal Committees in Faisalabad division had been mobilised for Eid cleanliness operations, and citizens would be provided a pollution-free environment during the Eid days.

He said a strict monitoring system would be in place for regular supervision of cleanliness operations and citizens would see practical positive change with regard to disposal of sacrificial animals’ remnants and offal without any delay.

The Commissioner said a special control room would work at divisional level to supervise the cleanliness operation in Faisalabad division and public complaints in this regard would be redressed immediately.

The meeting was informed that more than 4,000 employees would perform duties during the Eid days and 1,163 machines would be utilised for collecting and disposing of the animal waste. The meeting was told that three tranches had been arranged outside the city to dump the offal and other waste of the sacrificial animals. The CEO said that the city had been divided into 39 zones and deputy managers/assistant managers had been assigned duties at every five zones for monitoring of the cleanliness operations.

Later a briefing session for parliamentarians was also held at the Commissioner’s office in which Shakil Shahid, Latif Nazar, Mian Waris Aziz, Firdous Rai and others participated.