The PM has launched a ‘Kamyab Jawan’ programme with a lot of publicity and fanfare. This programme is geared towards providing low markup loans to young entrepreneurs between the ages of 21 and 45 to start businesses and projects. The government claims that the programme will change the fate of the country by generating economic activity. Though it seems like a well-intended and charming scheme, I am afraid it has all the ingredients of falling prey to corruption and scandals like similar programs launched by governments in the past. Be it the Yellow Cab Scheme, CM/PM Youth Programme, Laptop Scheme, or BISP, every programme is supposed to change the fate of the country. However, these schemes only end up changing the fate of a few pushing the country further into dismay.

I request the PM to put in place a foolproof system that ensures merit and transparency. Involving the opposition in this initiative would further strengthen transparency. Otherwise, I am afraid this might be one more initiative that would fail and lead to corruption.