As a Pakistani, I am worried about my country and the future of my children here. Every day there is bad newsrape, loot, firing, violence, thefts, dacoitiesand above all, corruption by the rulers. I was dismayed to read in the newspaper that a very junior person, whose sole distinction in life is being a jail-mate of Prime Minister Gilani in Adiala jail, has been offered a fabulous job in government by the PM. This, ostensibly, is the reward for a lap top and copies of a few Indian films which he provided to Mr Gilani in jail. What a service and what a reward Looks like we are back in the Mughal era when the emperors could give plums of the state and no one could raise an eyebrow. Cant dwell too much on it, though, for we know that in Pakistan, every succeeding government is more corrupt, incompetent and inefficient than their predecessors. The other day I had the chance to hear an interview of our Ambassador to Washington, Mr Hussain Haqqani on a private TV channel. Honest to God, in terms of caliber, he seemed no better than a schoolmaster. Hear our other ministers and governors speak on television and one wonders how have we stooped so low to be represented by these nincompoops? The hope is dying, the country in dire need of a revolution, bloodier the better, best of all one that kills at least two, three million of these corrupt men and women. Without this surgery, this country just wouldnt survive. -REHMATULLAH QAZILBASH, Vihari, March 30.