Due to the poor electric supply conditions in the Karachi University, the government has taken the long-awaited step of allowing KU a power generation programme that would produce about seven megawatts of power for exclusive usage of the university and its adjoining residential area. As a student of the Karachi University, I want to thank the government for this great concession. The power generated under this scheme would meet the electricity requirements of the university and its affiliated residential colonies and the surplus would be provided to KESC. So it would be a steady source of revenue for the university also whose installation costs would be recovered over a 6 years time period. At a time when we are confronted with water shortages and an acute energy crisis due to mismanagement and wastage of our natural resources, this initiative would set a useful example. The government cannot meet the requirements of electricity because of its limited resources. So initiatives on individual or institutional basis have to be undertaken. The government must consider other venues of power generation, like wind energy for instance, for which Karachi has ample scope with its long coastline of very high wind flows almost the whole year round. Although there are a few windmills in Jhimpir, Gharro, Keti Bander and Bin Qasim, we need an integrated and intensive programme with thousands of those white wings swirling in the wind on our shorelines. -IQRA SARFARAZ, Karachi, March 30.