KARACHI - Pakistan Income Enhancement Fund (PIEF) delivered an annualised return of 14.08 per cent for FY10 against the industry average of 6.79 per cent per annum in income funds category, translating into an out-performance of 7.29pc against its peer group. PIEF has announced an interim dividend of Rs 0.51 per unit which translates into an annualised dividend distribution of 13.51pc p.a. for FY10. Investors with CD Types unit holding will receive cash dividend and other types unit holders will be entitled to 1.0079 units for every 100 units on the ex-bonus price of Rs 50.60 per unit (as of 25th March 2010). The highest rated money market fund, Pakistan Cash Management Fund (PCF) delivered an annualised return of 11.10pc for FY10 against that of the industry average return of 10.34pc in money market category.