ISLAMABAD - President of Awami National Party (ANP) Asfandyar Wali Khan held a meeting with Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani here on Tuesday and discussed with him the deadlock between ANP and PML-N over the NWFP renaming issue. Sources in ANP informed TheNation that Wali gave to the PM a detailed insight of the negotiations held between ANP and PML-N on the issue and sought his intervention to end resolve the standoff. The sources further said that Asfandyar made it clear to Gilani that his party had shown a lot of flexibility but they would not totally back out from their stand and would not support and accept the constitutional reforms package sans renaming of NWFP. Meanwhile, the sources in PML-N informed that the partys high command had a series of meetings with NWFP chapter of the party and finally authorised party Quaid Nawaz Sharif to propose the new name for NWFP. The sources further informed that Gilani was also in touch with Nawaz on telephone and both the leaders had discussed the issue in detail with the former assuring that all his (Nawaz) concerns regarding the proposed appointment criterion for judges appointments would be addressed. The sources further informed that the PML-N leadership in their inner meetings have decided to persuade ANP to agree on either Khyber-Pakhtoonkhawa or Abaseen-Pakhtoonkhawa while the ANP leadership could agree to these names but they were insisting that in both these names Pakhtoonkhawa should precede and Khyber or Abaseen should be taken as suffix. The sources in ANP further informed that in case the issue of renaming of NWFP would be resolved by today then the same would be brought to the Constitutional Reforms Committee of the Parliament scheduled to meet the same day to have the sense of the committee on it and then the constitutional reforms package would be ready for presentation in the Parliament for enactment.