KOHAT- The ongoing examination of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) for 9th and 10th class candidates under the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Kohat, are conducted amidst rampant corruption in Karak district. During a visit by this scribe to several schools in the area and a college where examination halls have been set up for SSC examination, the local people expressed concern over what they termed as destruction of the future of students by increasing level of cheating trend. Though this time the authorities of Kohat BISE tried their level best to overcome the loopholes in conducting of examinations, which was earning a bad name for it for the last several years, and they directed all the public schools of the surrounding areas to send their students to attempt papers at Government Degree College, Ahmadabad, instead of having examination halls at their own schools. TheNation observed that it was a common practice that the paper was always available, either of 9th or 10th class examination, at photostat machines shops well before its initiating timing or after the very few minutes of its starting time. When it was enquired that how it was possible that a full-fledged paper becomes 'public, a photostat owner, who was very happy to accumulate money by getting Rs 10 at every copy of a single question, replied that without the help of the staffers in the examination halls such thing was not possible. This scribe also found another surprising thing at Govt Girls High School, Ahmadabad, where reliable sources said that the staffers allowed extra time to the candidates during physics paper of class 10th who paid Rs 150 each to the 'authority. The staffers at Government Boys High School, Tatterkhel, demanded arrangement of a music concert for their entertainment and their demand was entertained. One can get the clue easily as to what can be the morale of these staffers to thwart cheating by candidates after enjoying music festivity in the area, Saddiq said with a heavy heart. For the last few years there was a dangerous trend that even examination halls were purchased by owners of the public schools to allow cheating which was checked by the BISE authorities by taking several good measures. The situation in rest of the districts and areas come under BISE, Kohat, is also reportedly not satisfactory in conducting fair examinations.